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“Power BI Guru E Solutions Pvt Ltd” is considered to be the Best Advanced Training institute in Auckland that offers quality and Instructor-led classes to all the intended audience. Domain Expertise mainly helps the audience to leverage practical knowledge skills in Data Modelling to solve complex business issues with an optimized solution.

By the end of Azure Data Factory Course, aspirants can be able to crack the interviews for Data Modelling Analyst.

Key Features

20 hours of Instructor-led training classes
creating a pipe line with data movement & trnsformation activities
Moving the data from SQL Server Onprem– Azure dataware house
Doing an inrremental load with ADF
Copying multiple tables with ADF
Automated scheduling of pipeline runs



  • Power BI Guru E Solutions Pvt Ltd” is considered to be the Best Microsoft Advanced Training institute in Hyderabad that offers quality Azure data factory V2 online ,Azure data factory class room training in Hyderabad
  • By the end of Azure Data Factory Course, you will able to understand creating pipelines ,loading and automating teh data from different sources to destinations.
    Automating cloud based data ingestion.

Azure Data Factory V2

 Introduction to ADF
  •  Pipe Line
  •  Activity -DM
  • Activity -DT
  •  Branching
  • Difference between ADF V1-ADF V2
 Data Movement
  • Copy Tool
  • Data Movement
  • Differences between CT & DM
 Data movement Examples
  • SQL Server Onprem– Azure dataware house
  • ADL Gen 2 to ADW
  • blob storage to ADW
  • copy data from multiple tables to ADW
  • Incremental load to through ADF
  •  Incremental load of Multiple tables ADF
 Linked Services
 Data Transformations
  • through Stored procedure
  • 6.Running Pipe line
  • scheduling
  • Triggering  from Another Pipe Line
  •  pass a parameter to pipeline
Dynamic configuration
  •  parameters
  •  System variables
  •  expressions
  • functions
  • depends on
working with SSIS
  • deploying SSIS in Azure DB
  • running through SSIS activity
  •  running from Procedure Activity
roles & security & sharing
looping & branching activities
  • wait
  • web
  • look up
  • SP
  • SSIS
  • If
  • for each
  • filter
  • branching send a success /failure notifications through mail
working with Visual studio & deployment

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What are the differenyt sources that you worked on ?

SQL Server

Tabular SSAS



What is the differeces b/w direct query/importing/live connection?

Import: we will load the data & craete a model in power Bi 
Direct query:we will load the structure of the tables & create a relation ships in power Bi file by keeping the data at database.we always access the data directly from source
Live connection: we will keep the data & model away from power Bi service,this can be reusable in mul

What is the difference b/w calculated column/measure?

calculated column/computed/derived column which is created based on existing column
with the help of operators & functions .
-->whenever we perform the data refresh automatically this column gets the data
-->It will store the data in the model
--->it will occupy the emory 
--->It is faster 
-->it is static
-->it is unique at table level
-->for text/date related data types we can use
-->numeric columns for intermediate calculations we can use it 

--->It is a formula stored in a model
--->Whenever we used a measure at that time 
it wil get calculated
--->It will not store any data,it will not occupy any memory 
-->It will impact the performance 
--->It is unique at model level
-->It is dynamic

What are the different types of filters?

Page level

Visual level

Report level