Power bi Interview Questions



Interview questions:

power Bi desktop

1) which version of power Bi you are using ?

2)what are the latest features of power BI desktop ?

3) what are the different sources that you worked on ?

4) what are the different types of filters avaulable in power BI ?

5) what is drill down visualization & how to configure it ?

6) what is drill through filter & functionality ?

7) what is a grouping ?

8) what is the difference between Calculated column & measure ?

9) what is the functionality of highrarchy ?

10) what are the visualizations that you used & their properties ?

11)did you worked on custom visulizations ?

12)what are the custom visulizations that you worked on ?

13) what is the functionality of cross filter direction
single/both & when we will use them

14)what is sync slicer ?

15)how to create mobile compatiable reports

16) Bookmarks functionality

17) what if parameter functionality

18) how to implemnet a security in power Bi

role based
row based

19)edit interactions functionality ?

20) use of power bi template ?

21) what is the difference between live query /direct query and import ?

22)what is the use of advanced editor

23) what is the differece b/w merge & apend

24) what is the difference between drll down & new query

25) what is the functionality of parameters

26)waht is the use of query dependencies

power Bi service

1) what is a gateway ?

2)what are the different types of gwateway that we have ?

3)how to configure a gateway ?

4)how to perform a scheduled refresh in power bi ?

5)what is a content pack ?

6)what are the different ways fof sharing the reports ?

7)what is the difference between content pack & app ?

8)what is app ?

9) what is a dashboard & dashboard functionality ?

10) functionality of subscriptions/alerts ?

11)functionality of usage metrics ?


1)what is a partition functionality
2)how to configure KPis
3)what is the functionality of translantion
4)what is the functionality of perspective
5)2017–>Object based security
6)what is the difference between translation & object based security
7)what are the different types of processing that we have
8)what is a processing


—->what is the functionality of calculate function
—->what is the functionality of Filter
—>Time inteligence —>YTD,QTD,MTD,YOY,MOM,QTQ
—>Basic aggregations

—>what is the use of userelationship
—>what is the row context /filter context
—>how to create dax variable[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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